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Right now, we're in bloom with 21st century consciousness, taking inspiration from the juxtapositions in postmodernism. We're drawn to the vibrant colours in neo-psychedelia and the cynicism in nostalgic TV alongside retro-rooted typography. (All images sourced from Pinterest)

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'If God didn't want you to wear this shirt so bad, He wouldn't have made them rock so hard!' ~ That '70s Show


Drawing inspiration from music, art and female empowerment, our range of hand illustrated graphic tees are wrapped in nostalgia & adorned in eclectic individualism. Whether you’re tucking yours into a pair of frayed vintage flares that once danced at Woodstock, or a feminine maxi skirt emblazoned with flowers, we seek to inspire your own creative flair for a truly distinctive aesthetic.

e l e c t r i c  t h r i l l s

I’ve got body that my mind can leave... We’ve got a lock-down on all things seventies. Our retro roots ground this special collection but we’re in bloom with 21st century consciousness. Inspired by the juxtapositions in postmodernism, we’ve allured to slogans from That '70s Show, Tame Impala, European culture & our fave Neo-Psychedelia. Eye catching graphics, mint green hues & hot pink accents adorn this special graphic tee collection. Printed on ultra soft ring-spun cotton and the first collection to wear our OR branding, this one goes out to those ‘with the band’ who are dressed to kill. Grounded by the retro but seduced by the now, our imagination is endless, wild & free. Follow your psychic bliss & join our retro revolution soul sistas.

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Ornate Revival was born from our love of giving a new lease of life to beautiful vintage & pre-loved threads. We've channelled our belief in recycling fashion into a mission to give back to those less fortunate. That's why when you buy any piece from OR we'll donate a piece from our own wardrobes to our local homeless shelter to help women who need it the most!

 Kirsty xx

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